Nesbitt Video Production

Our journalistic approach, cinematic style and attention to detail, has made us a favorite with brides who thought they didn’t want video.

No obtrusive lighting and bulky equipment. Professional low light digital cameras, 8mm movie film, black and white selected scenes and shoulder mounted shooting are a few techniques used to create your wedding movie.

Nesbitt Productions has been dedicated to the art of creatively documenting weddings for over 20 years. An unobtrusive family team with expertise and commitment to discovering your personal style.

Our Mission

As we bring our subject into focus and prepare to capture each image, never let us forget that we are creating treasures for a family. An heirloom for their homes.

We are artists, collecting the beauty of their souls, the glow of youth, the wisdom of age, the gentleness of laughter and tears of each life that comes before us. This will be a “living history” of images.

First and foremost we will remember this is more than a livelihood, our art is a service to others making life richer and more memorable.

The Team

Larry Nesbitt
Director / Editor / Writer
Larry Nesbitt’s twenty years broadcast experience include credits for several National Commercials including: Honda Scooter, Mattel Hot Wheels, and U-Haul. His writing experience includes a one hour episode for Disney Studios, which aired Nationally on NBC. Larry Nesbitt now loves putting his talents and experience to use for companies like yours, proving you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a professional, creative video you will use again and again.

Linda Nesbitt
Producer / Writer
Linda Nesbitt’s credits include Lee Optical, People Are Funny (a since past tv show), Prudential Insurance, and local Phoenix television shows.